Family Support

Strengthening parent-child relationships

Early childhood educators know that a strong, healthy family is the key to children's success. At Columbus Early Learning Centers, we take the time to know our families and support them through challenging times. We connect our families with additional support services when needed.

We understand that families come in all different shapes and sizes. Diversity in family structure, values and parenting styles enriches our community. We know that many different adults can fulfill the role of parent to a child and our use of the word "parent" is inclusive of all.

"Parents are truly a child's first, and most important, teachers. Partnering with parents makes our work so much more effective and brings us a lot of joy, too."

 - CELC Staff

Family involvement matters for young children's healthy emotional, social and cognitive development. We support family involvement in three ways:

  • Strengthening the parent-child relationship
    • Providing child growth and development information
    • Promoting positive parenting techniques
    • Providing opportunities for parents to participate in child-centered activities 
  • Building a strong home-school relationship
    • Communicating daily with families
    • Sharing information about developmental progress and milestones
    • Partnering in setting goals 
    • Providing many opportunities for classroom involvement
  • Developing an understanding of learning outcomes
    • Providing books and other learning materials for use at home
    • Promoting conversation with children
    • Sharing positive ways to engage children in everyday learning activities

Developing a strong partnership with families and providing them with the support they need strengthens opportunities for children's success in school and in life.