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Click on the link above to check out the most recent news from Columbus Early Learning Centers.  In our Winter 2015 issue you will learn about the following:

ü       Volunteers Make a Difference!

ü       Early Start Columbus:  New City Program Makes Pre-K Affordable

ü       City of Columbus Selects CELC for Human Services Grants

ü       Ohio Arts Council Artist-in-Residence Grant Begins

ü       Help Us Help Our Children While You Shop!

·         Kroger Rewards: - NPO #83537.


·         AmazonSmile:  - select Columbus Early Learning Centers


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Check out the most recent news from Columbus Early Learning Centers.  In our Fall 2014 issue you will learn about the following:

ü       Volunteer with a Purpose

ü       Open House Celebrates Volunteers and New Eastside Facility

ü       #GivingTuesday

ü       Meet our Center Directors

ü       Fall Festival

ü       Help Us Help Young Children While You Shop!

·         Kroger Rewards: - NPO #83537.

·         AmazonSmile:  - select Columbus Early Learning Centers





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Creating a Bright, Sustainable Future for Columbus Early Learning Centers

2013 was a year of great change for CELC. The Board and Executive Team developed a new business model to set us on the path to a stable, sustainable financial future. This new model allowed us to focus our efforts on the Near East Side by closing our Northside and Westside centers, consolidating our operations in our Eastside and Broad St. centers.  We look forward to innovative programming on the Near East Side as we develop an  intergenerational center of excellence with our partners, National Church Residences and The Ohio State University.

In this time of great change and great opportunity we are excited to see the results of our efforts as we move into a bright future.   For the complete Annual Report please click the link below:







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New Curriculums and Opportunities for Artistic Expression have been Fueled by Recent Grants

We recently concluded our “Grow Me Strong and Healthy” program funded by a generous grant from Abbott Nutrition. This three-year grant allowed us to install 17 garden plots and create 36 curriculum kits so that children at each of our centers could engage in gardening, science, cooking and nutrition projects. 

For the past three years, we have also received an Artist-in-Residence grant from the Ohio Arts Council. Nancy Kangas, our resident poet, has worked with teachers and children to read, write and share poetry with one another. This past fall, we asked Nancy to guide the children in thinking about and writing about their gardening experiences.

 As a celebration project for the conclusion of both grants, we asked families to submit recipes for a very special cookbook. If I Were a Princess I Would Eat Carrots combines these recipes with children’s poems and photos to create a unique “poetry cookbook”.

This special book demonstrates the unique creativity and talent of the Columbus Early Learning Centers community. We thank Abbott Nutrition and the Ohio Arts Council for making it possible!

 The children created many wonderful poems:

I Like Pancakes

by Sayvon

 Pancakes, buttered

and ribs and triangles.

Pancakes, buttered,

a fork and a spoon.

Pancakes are brown

and delicious.


Green Pepper So Fun

by DyMarii

 Green pepper fun.

Green pepper is good.

Green pepper is cooking in the dinner.

Green pepper is cooking in the food.

Green peppers are fun.

Green peppers SO sweet.

Green peppers so sweet in my head.

Green peppers so sweet in my neck.


The Important Thing about Our Root View Farm

by The Lions

The important things about our root view farm

is that the leaves are on top.

The leaves are green.

The leaves are shiny.

But, the important things about our root view farm

is that the leaves are on top.

You have to be gentle with it

because it’s going to fall.

They grow bigger – 

the roots grow bigger and bigger.


But, the important things about our root view farm

is that the leaves are on top.


To My Brother, Leo

by Alauna

I am the ice cream

and you are my sprinkles.

I am the key

and you help me unlock the door.

I am jelly

and you are the bread.

I am a rainbow 

and you are my colors 

that slide

all the way down.


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(Post date 3/1/13)

Ever wonder how to have a stress free, effective story time with your toddlers? Use these tips and the children will benefit with increased language skills, cognitive skills, and emotional development.

Read More

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“Without critical reflection, teaching will remain at best uninformed, and at worst ineffective, prejudiced and constraining.”

 - Yvonne Hillier, 2002

What is Reflective Practice?

A habit, structure or routine around examining experience.

A cycle of learning that occurs when we take the time to “stop, think and change.”

A process of questioning our routine, convenient, everyday practices and challenging our deeper, social and cultural thoughts, feelings and reactions – our “taken-for-granted assumptions.”

A systematic process that examines a situation for the purpose of planning, implementing and evaluating change.

A way of being, an attitude of mind, a way of understanding ourselves as developing professionals, and a commitment to continuous improvement and deepening knowledge.

At Columbus Early Learning Centers, out teachers know that reflective practice is the key to delivering the very best early learning experiences for our children.

By engaging in reflective practice, we are more likely to:

see an increase in our own knowledge and skill development;

be open to different ways to think about and understand children, teachers and the learning process;

be more flexible and adaptable in our approaches;

share ideas and decision-making with colleagues;

choose effective solutions;

strengthen our capacity as a team;

improve outcomes for children and families.

Opportunities to engage in reflection:

An aspect of classroom practice that isn’t working well;

An aspect of classroom practice that has exceeded expectations;

An aspect of classroom practice that we want to improve or learn more about;

Consideration of different perspectives or cultures, underlying beliefs, attitudes or values.

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(Post date 3/1/13)

Bring the spirit of learning centers into your home with prop boxes—plastic bins or cardboard shoe boxes you fill with materials and props related to one topic, such as math or writing.


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